Stitching Software

LensFrame is a Stitching software that, by combining several video images obtained through various HD cameras, offers a high resolution panoramic view. Easy and intuitive interface to improve operations and optimize performance. LensFrame acts as an ONVIF camera more. Operative similar to a PTZ.  

  • Panoramic Vision Stitching (Stitching)
  • Static and Dynamic Augmented Reality.
  • 4K camera manager.
  • Easy configuration of Stiching with self-adjusting algorithms (a single configuration) The cameras are joined from 2 units onwards.
  • Type of vision flexible according to needs; Horisontal or vertical field view up to 360 degrees (Picture in Picture / Parallel / Spherical).
  • High-resolution, real-time display across multiple HD cameras.
  • A virtual camera device is generated and can be detected as an ONVIF compatible video management system (VMS).
  • LensFrame can be used as a camera more inside
  • Easy-to-use software interface with traditional PTZ control.
  • Stitching in real time from recorded images. Control over recorded scenes.
  • It repairs any aberration defects in the lens. Parallax effects are corrected and color correction is applied between different video streams.
  • Possibility of tracking objects for several cameras.
  • Video analytics information is treated both individually and globally and is recorded.