Retail Analytics Software

Retail Analytics Software

Marketing Solution linked to the data of purchase of the Point of Sale (POS) collecting demographic information and behavior of the buyers, complementary to the cash receipts.

Thanks to this solution, you can delve into the behaviors of real consumers / buyers and thus define more appropriate and precise marketing strategies.

The software seamlessly integrates with any IP video device to get instant feedback on how people feel in the real world. "Simple Execution Powerful Analytics".

Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA): It is an artificial vision software that processes videos to detect a pixel layout that looks like the general structure of a human face. Real-time processing means that any security or privacy risk is continuously monitored.

Extract the data and save it as a random numeric record file.

Software algorithms find human faces, detect their reference point characteristics, convert them into unique, random number strings, and then discard the original images.

Once the face patterns are generated, it is impossible for them to be reversed in an image.

This ensures the privacy of the individual. PRIVACY + EFFECTIVENESS.

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