AVIGILON, a Canadian company founded in 2004, designs and manufactures high definition video surveillance solutions. High definition video management software (ACC) and megapixel cameras (up to 30 MP) offer superior image quality and wide coverage, greatly reducing the number of elements to install, which reverses in a significant cost savings for customers.

Places as diverse as: Sporting Stadiums, Shopping Centers, Hospitals, Residential and Industrial Sector, they already rely on AVIGILON's systems and cameras and not only on specific VCR functions, but also to control and supervise industrial processes.

AVIGILON CONTROL CENTER: Easy to use software. Open platform Smart virtual matrix. AVIGILON APPEARANCE SEARCH: Powerful video data search engine.

VIDEO ANALYSIS: with self-learning, integrated.

HIGH-DEFINITION STREAM MANAGEMENT: Management of bandwidth and storage capacity through HDSM technology.


The AVIGILON HD Multisensor dome camera (12W-H3-4MH) features four 3-megapixel sensors, each with a zoom lens and remote focus. It offers unsurpassed picture quality and flexibility with multi-directional scene coverage.


What does LensFrame provide?

LensFrame is a stitching software that provides an omnidirectional 360 ° view. Complementing the camera, the system allows to generate a fifth image of 360º (virtual camera), formed from the four images extracted from the different sensors.


How does it work?


Why use LensFrame?

The software offers the possibility of obtaining a complete 360º image, without the division of the four images obtained by the sensors. This way, the user has a PTZ over a single panoramic image and does not have to change from one scene to another.